Fall Adult Education Classes with Rabbi Kosak



Wise Aging: A Four Session Book Group with Rav D
Wednesdays, November 1, 8, 15, 29 – 4:00-5:15pm, Room 111

This mini-course is for anyone who is aging, has someone they care about who is aging, or thinks they might grow old themselves! We’ll primarily be using the book “Wise Aging” by Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Dr. Linda Thal. While it will help to read the book, at the beginning of each session Rav D will provide a synopsis of the two chapters we’ll be discussing that day. $36 includes book and materials. RSVP by Oct. 27 at: 503.246.8831; kwilkins@nevehshalom.org.




Adventures with the Mishna Berurah: A Course in Jewish Literacy
Every Sunday starting Nov. 5, 10:00 -11:15am, FREE – Rooms 103-105

Why do Jews do what we do? Where do our practices come from if they are not explicitly from the Torah? What are Shabbat or daily practices that might enrich our lives? Where and why does Conservative Jewish practice differ from Orthodox teachings? The Mishnah Berurah, published in 1904 by the Hofetz Hayim, is the last generally accepted code of Jewish law and custom. This will be an interesting class on the theory and practice of halakhah (Jewish law) for beginners to advanced students. Texts will be in Hebrew and English translation. All are welcome! To RSVP for schedules and classes, please contact Karen Wilkins at: 503.246.8831; kwilkins@nevehshalom.org.


Please note that funerals, special programming and other lifecycle events may cause occasional cancellation of individual sessions.