Learn the Art of Jewish Storytelling


Thursdays: November 1-December 13 (off Nov 22) & January 10-31,

You are invited on a three month journey to learn the art of Jewish storytelling with Professional Storyteller Brian Rohr. This class is open to beginner and experienced performers! Come with an open mind, heart and a spirit of play. In this ten-class course, Brian will teach the art and skill of performative storytelling, exploring the ancient stories, personal narrative and techniques on how to discover your own unique storytelling voice.

This class will include:

  • What are stories and why storytelling is important
  • Story based improv games
  • Stories in our lives as forms of self-expression
  • Allowing vs. Memorization
  • Beginning, Middle and Ends
  • How to pick a story to tell
  • How to tell a good story with tricks and techniques
  • Stage presence for storytellers (including what to do with no fourth wall)
  • The different kinds of stories that can be told (old stories, folktales, religious stories, personal stories, made-up stories, etc.)
  • Performance for family, friends and community members

Tuition for the whole three month course will be: $150 CNS members / $200 Non-members
To register, please contact JoAnn Bezodis at: jbezodis@nevehshalom.org


Session 1: Improv, Storytelling & the Three Hearts of Wisdom
Thursdays: November 1, 8, & 15
The first session will be devoted to exploring and learning about the oral tradition of storytelling, including: what are different kinds of stories that can be told (old stories, folktales, fairy tales, personal stories, made-up stories, etc.), how to pick a story, allowing vs. memorization, and beginning middle and ends. We will pick an “old story” to work as part of this session.

Session 2: Deeping Your Connection to the Story
Thursdays: November 29, December 6 & 13
The second session will be devoted to understanding your own personal connection to the story. We will discover how our own stories connect to the ancient stories of our past. This will be the time of really honing in the skills of storytelling.

Session 3: Performance Preparations and Dropping the Fourth Wall
Thursdays: January 10, 17, & 24
The third session will be devoted to learning all about preparing for a performance, how to put a quality show together, picking your story and how you want to perform your story, stage presence and awareness, how to deal with nerves and anything else related to the performance.  This will all culminate in a public performance for family and friends.

Public Performance and Reception
Thursdays: January 31, 7:00-9:00pm
We will complete this workshop with a public performance and reception for family, friends and the community. This is an opportunity to show what you have learned and a goal to work towards as we travel through our journey.


About Brian Rohr:







“The oral tradition of storytelling offers insight, inspiration and meaning in our
own journey as we travel our unique Jewish Path.”  -Brian Rohr

Brian Rohr is a Storyteller who resides here in the Pacific Northwest. Rohr has toured as a featured teller for national audiences, taught and performed at major conferences, festivals, high schools, universities, synagogues and libraries.

The list includes: the 14th International Jewish Renewal Aleph Kallah; Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle; Illinois State University; Trickster Tales Storytelling Festival in Washington State; Tapestry of Jewish Learning in Austin, TX, Artist-in-Residence at Camp Solomon Schechter, Temple Chai in Chicagoland Area, Portland Jewish Storytelling Festival, the Native American/Jewish Storytelling Conference and more.

Rohr was previously named by JT News (Jewish publication in Seattle, WA) as a “10 Under 40″ recipient – Honored as one of ten notable Jewish people in Washington State under 40 years old who are doing important and inspirational works within the community, specifically honored as a storyteller.

As a storyteller, Brian focuses on the old stories – the myths, folktales and sacred tales –knowing that these old stories are alive, vital and can inform us on how to live our lives as authentic human beings, helping to make sense and meaning of the living world we are a part of.

Rohr is a member of the National Storytelling Network, the Portland Storytellers Guild and the Jewish Storytelling Coalition. He is a former board member of the Mythsinger Foundation.

More at: brianrohr.com