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To Honor their Memory…memorialplaques

One of the noblest Jewish traditions is the preservation of the name of a loved one on the Memorial Board in the Synagogue Sanctuary and the lighting of a memorial light on the anniversary of death. This is an eternal reminder of our dear departed one and the love and respect their memory evokes.

At Neveh Shalom, we have two beautiful Memorial Boards, which serve two functions. A large plaque is placed in the Sanctuary for the entire year of mourning and for every Yahrzeit. Another smaller plaque is permanently maintained in the Memorial Niche. The cost for this set of plaques is $800.

In addition a Tree of Life memorial exists on the chapel walls at each of our cemeteries. Many families wish to honor their departed by adding a leaf to the Tree at the appropriate chapel. This leaf is also inscribed with the name of the loved one. A memorial leaf costs $100.

We will be happy to assist you in answering any questions you have, in the selection of a memorial of your choice. Please contact Marg Everett at 503-246-8831 ext. 112