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The Neveh Shalom Board of Directors includes members who represent a cross section of our membership. Some are lifelong members, others are relatively new to Neveh Shalom. The Board meets the third Thursday of each month to discuss and plan all aspects of synagogue life; all synagogue members are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you have any questions for the Board, please e-mail president Stephen Blake at president@nevehshalom.org.

Long Range Plan


Contract Renewal and Evaluation

Executive Committee
Stephen Blake – President
Richard Meyer – Past President
Glen Coblens – Vice President
Stuart Davis – Vice President
Liza Milliner – Vice President
Sally Segel – Vice President
Jason Kaufman – Treasurer
Dana Sacks – Secretary
Steve Sirkin – Men’s Club President
Dana Sirkin – Sisterhood President

Board of Directors
Stephanie Arnheim
Noa Barish
Roy Carmen
Mitch Elovitz
Andrew Fortgang
Sam Gottlieb
Richard Hartoch
Jennifer Kalenscher
Lidia Krivoy
Ronnie Malka
Jeff Menashe
Joyce Mendelsohn
Ben O’Glasser
Michael Osherow
Howard Shapiro
Lee Spector
Carolyn Weinstein
Mark Zeitzer