Passover 5776 Complete Guide

Close-Up of Traditional Jewish Food


A Message and Passover Guidelines From Rabbi Kosak

Click here for the guidelines

As part of our community preparation for the holiday, I am attaching three links. The first is this year’s Passover guidelines, right here, which also includes the form for selling your hametz to me over Passover. You can print it up and mail it to me, scan and send it, or pick forms up during Shabbat in the weeks to come. It is customary to include some amount of money to effectuate the sale, which will go both to tzedekah and to the person who will purchase our hametz.

The second and third are links to two recent legal opinions allowing Ashkenazic Jews to eat kitniot during Passover. Kitniot include food items like rice and beans. The one here is from one of the top modern poseks (Jewish legal decisors), Rabbi David Golinkin. This one is from Rabbis Amy Levin and Avraham Reisner. If you are considering changing your family’s custom, please read these or reach out to me as there are some special procedures that we need to be aware of in America when choosing to eat kitniot on Passover. In any case, all Jews, even those who do not eat kitniot, may dine at a home where kitniot are served on Pesach.

You can read more about the selling of hametz here.


AN INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN’S PASSOVER EXPERIENCE – This event has passed, thank you to all who participated!


Thursday, April 14, 6:30pm, Birnbach Hall, $18/person.

Join Rabbi Eve Posen for an evening of insight and inspiration as we gear up for Passover. Sample good wines and enjoy dessert with friends as we explore some of the central themes of the Seder. RSVP HERE.



Please note that Friday Night Shabbat Services on April 22 will be cancelled due to First Seder’s happening in people’s homes.  If you need a home to join a seder, see below.



Pesach Day 1 – Saturday, April 23, 9:00am, Stampfer Chapel

Pesach Day 2 – Sunday, April 24, 9:00am, Stampfer Chapel

Pesach Day 7 – Friday, April 29, 9:00am, Stampfer Chapel

Pesach Day 8 (Yizkor) – Saturday, April 30, 9:00am, Stampfer Chapel


PASSOVER SHOPPING (Please call before you go shopping to ensure they have Kosher for Passover products)

SAFEWAY on Barber Blvd.
Kosher for Pesach food on the shelves while supplies last. (More)

Selected Trader Joe’s*
Brisket, matzoh and other items for Passover available at selected Portland stores.

Selected Whole Foods*
Article about Whole Foods and Kosher for Passover (Here)

Brisket and few other items

Affordable Kosher
Online resource –

*Some have reported that East-side TJs and Whole Foods do not carry KP items.  As products are always coming in and out, please be sure to call ahead of time.



Host or Be Hosted! Seders – Friday, April 22 and Saturday April 23

“Why is this night different from all other nights?” Find a place to ask your questions!  Fill out this sign up form to either host or be hosted at a first or second night seder this year.  *Note to members looking to be hosted, please sign up before April 15th. For questions contact Wendy Kahn: 503.293.7305 or



You can find a list of all of the community seder options by clicking here.



Come make matzah roca and assemble packages for your student!  On behalf of the College Outreach Committee, Deb Freedberg and Wendy Kahn would like to invite you to join them at the Kahn home on Sunday, April 10th, 10am – 12 pm. If you missed the Fall Registration for the College Outreach program and still would like to participate, register today for the last program of the year. CLICK HERE