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Rabbi (Emeritus) Joshua Stampfer 

rabbistampferRabbi Stampfer was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1921. At the age of two he and his family moved to the U.S. where his father served as a rabbi in Madison, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Memphis, Tennessee; Akron, Ohio; Columbus, Georgia; and Los Angeles, California.

Joshua Stampfer graduated from the University of Chicago, received his M.S. from the University of Akron, his M.H.L. from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and his D.H.L. from the University of Judaism. He received an honorary doctorate from Pacific University in 1987.

Rabbi Stampfer and his wife Goldie have five children and 19 grandchildren.

Tifereth Israel, Lincoln, Nebraska – 1949 to 1953
Neveh Shalom, Portland, Oregon – 1953 to 1993; At present Rabbi Emeritus
Center for Conservative Judaism, Jerusalem, Israel – 1973 to 1974rabbi_stampfer_Web

Board Member National Peace Now Organization – current

Appointee, Oregon Government Ethics Commission – current
Adjunct Associate Professor, Portland State University – 1961 to 1984; 1993 to present
Founder and Executive Director, Camp Solomon Schechter – 1954 to 1981
Director, World Council of Jewish Service – 1967
Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Judaic Studies – 1983 to present
Past President, Oregon Board of Rabbis
Past President, Pacific Northwest Rabbinical Assembly
Executive Director, Oregon Jewish Museum – 1989 to1998
Chair, Oregon Israel Jubilee Committee – 1998
Board Member, Pacific University – 1992 to 1998
Founding Chair – Oregon Jewish Historical Society
Founding Chair – Oregon Holocaust Resource Center
Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East
Co-Founder – Oregonians for Peace Now
Founder – Oregon Jewish Museum
Vice President – Sino-Judaic Institute
President – Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies
National Board Member – Americans for Peace Now

Joshua Stampfer was one of the earliest visitors to Kaifeng, China, where he met in 1983 with members of the ancient Jewish community there. Following his return, he brought over the U.S. the first young Jewess for the specific goal of studying Judaism. He helped to create the Sino-Judaic Institute and is its first Vice President.
He visited the community of secret Jews of Belmonte, Portugal a number of times and has edited a history of the community, “The Last Crypto Jews of Portugal.”

He has led twelve community tours to Israel, in addition to clergy tours and numerous private visits.

He has developed major conferences under the auspices of the Institute for Judaic Studies, including Sephardic History and culture, the Vienna of Freud and Herzl, the Teachings of Abraham Joshua Heschel, Interfaith Conference on Biblical Studies, From Powerlessness to Power – Israel and Japan – 1948-1988, as well as a number of single lectures in Judaica.

Published Works:
He is the author of Pioneer Rabbi of the West, the Life and Times of Julius Eckman, a volume on ancient Middle East history, Cradle of Civilization in the Middle East and the editor of Prayer and Politics: The Twin Poles of Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Diologue – The Essence of Buber. He wrote a cantata, “Jerusalem,” and has lectured extensively on Israel and Jewish community life.

Editor of The Sephardim and All Its Paths Are Peace