Food and Politics in a Complex World: Responsibly Feeding 7 Billion

I'd like to dedicate my column this week to some thoughts about kashrut and food. After all, whether or not we personally keep kosher, or what sort of kashrut we observe, it is a fundamental Jewish practice--one of our most defining spiritual disciplines. For most of our people's history, until the modern period of emancipation, it is probably safe to argue that most Jews kept kosher in one way or another.

Dystopian History, Utopian Celebration

Most of us know that the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. Tonight, however, is Rosh Hodesh Hanukkah, and each new Jewish month is marked by a new moon. So between the short day and a dim night sky, tonight may well be the darkest night of the year.

Final Beans

 I waited too long. That's how it is sometimes, and the flat beans started to dry out on the vine. Kissed by near frost, their moisture shivered away, leaving occasional brown spots, or darkened lines along the edges. I was holding on too tightly before the harvest.