High Holy Days 5779















Shanah Tovah!

High Holiday services at Neveh Shalom, an open and egalitarian community, are led by Rabbi David Kosak, Rabbi Eve Posen and Cantor Eyal Bitton. We offer lively young child services as well as K-6 appropriate family experiences. We welcome all to experience the New Year with Neveh Shalom.

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High Holy Days Packet

High Holy Days Registration Form





For information about tickets, membership & more, contact: meverett@nevehshalom.org; 503.246.8831 x112


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New This Year & Things to Note: 

  • The Young Family Erev Rosh Hashanah service will start at 5:15pm.
  • Rosh HaShanah Day 1 morning will begin with one Shacharit service together (see note below). The schedule will be
    • At 8:30am we’ll have Shacharit service in the Main Sanctuary.
    • At 9:45am we’ll have a coffee and honey cake break in the Atrium
    • At 10:00am the Torah service and Musaf will begin in both the Main Sanctuary (Rabbi Kosak and Cantor Bitton) and Birnbach Hall (Rabbi Posen and Ilene Safyan).
  • There will be “Busy Bags” available in all services for children to take to their seats and enjoy quietly.
  • All families are welcome to join us for SHANAH: a special whole family 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Exploration of change.
  • Explore our alternative spiritual learning experience on the 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah.
  • Please remember to grab your food drive bag on the way out of Rosh Hashanah services and bring back your non-perishable foods during Yom Kippur.


A Special Note About This Year’s Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Services

On Rosh Hashanah, we come together as a community to reflect on the year that was and celebrate the possibilities ahead. To enhance both that sense of togetherness and also the energy and ruach of our services, this year we will be having a combined Shacharit service on the first day of Rosh Hashanah.

We will gather in the main sanctuary at 8:30am as our teens lead us in communal prayer.

At 9:45am, we’ll have a coffee and honey cake break. We hope this will allow everyone some precious moments to reconnect with friends and family.

At 10:00am sharp, the Torah service and Musaf will begin in two locations, the Main Sanctuary and Birnbach Hall.

We are always looking for ways to enhance social opportunities and the quality of our communal prayer. We look forward to hearing how you experience this new opportunity and wish you a sweet and happy year.

The CNS Clergy Team
Rabbi Kosak, Rabbi Posen and Cantor Bitton


Sign Language Interpretation

As part of CNS’ mission to create community and strive for inclusiveness, we are proud to offer sign language interpretation for our services. Interpreters will be available upon request and will need to be made no later than Monday, August 13. RSVP to: Michelle Iimori-Goldenberg MS, CI/CT:
smallfryeterp@icloud.com, 503-317-9815 (V, Text).



Busy Bags HHD Announcement

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a child singing the Shema, or any prayer. It is a sign of our future, a sign that the next generation is learning our sacred expressions of prayer. One of the best ways that kids learn is by being included in our community in services, both designed specifically for them, and in the greater community.

At CNS we are a welcoming community, not only to all types of adults, and learners, but to Jews both old and young. Idle hands lead to mischief, or so they say. To that end we are working this year to create sacred space for families within our larger prayer spaces on the High Holidays and beyond. This year we’ve created individual bags filled with quiet games and toys for children to play with at their seats with their parents. Bags are to be borrowed for the duration of the service and returned to their cubby so we can provide them throughout the year.

Of course we’ll be asking parents to guide their children toward appropriate and respectful play so that all others may continue to enjoy and experience the holidays without distraction. And while we trust that parents will use their good judgment, we encourage all participants to remember that the sounds of our children are the sounds of our future Jewish leaders who are learning, growing, and celebrating along with us.


Special Events

Two Worlds: A Rock and Soul Selichot Experience
Saturday, September 1, 8:30pm | FREE
Our Selichot experience this year brings two worlds of music together. Building on last year’s service, Rabbi Kosak and Cantor Eyal Bitton will capture the best part of tradition with beloved High Holiday melodies, and also offer up themes of Selichot through traditional melodies and contemporary rock and pop music.  Prepare for the High Holidays in a moving, meaningful way through music connecting us to the ways we are striving, forgiving, and seeking.


How Does our Jewish Year Invite Wonder in our Children and in Ourselves?
Thursday, September 6, 6:30pm | Free
Explore several of our Jewish holidays and how they are connected to our Jewish beliefs around civic responsibility (Tikkun Olam), Kind community (Kehillah), the power of storytelling (Torah), and more. You will come away with ways to engage young children in meaningful interaction/conversation/activities around the Jewish holidays, and delight at participating in some of our favorite sensory activities from Foundation School. RSVP to lrichmond@nevehshalom.org



Shanah: A Whole Family 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Exploration
Tuesday, September 11, 9:30am | FREE

Join us for a Birthday Party for the World!  This special Rosh Hashanah Exploration includes: family services, Tashlich, a creature show, birthday candle exploration, and a cider press – bring your own apples (or use what we have) and a jar. This event is OPEN TO ALL. NO TICKETS NEEDED. Contact: eposen@nevehshalom.org. (Click here for flyer)


Special 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Learning Experiences
Tuesday, September 11 | FREE
10:00am Rabbi David Kosak: Rav D’s High Holiday Guide Book to Startling Texts and Beloved Thoughts
11:00am Amy Katz: Creating your Intentions for the New Year
12:00pm Mel Berwin: Accessing Meaning During Prayer


Shomrei Teva Tashlich Hike at Oxbow Park
Sunday Sept 16, 9:30am – 2:30pm | Free | Family-friendly!
Join Shomrei Teva for our annual Tashlich hike in an old growth forest where we’ll learn and use Jewish nature prayers, picnic, and have a Tashlich service on the Sandy River. Meet at CNS at 9:30am or at Oxbow at 10:30am. Dress for the weather and bring a picnic lunch. RSVP: Jordan Epstein, yaakovm@comcast.net, 503-245-6580.



Special Yom Kippur Alternative Torah Experience – Noah and the Great Flood *Please Note the Story Change
Wednesday, September 19, 10:00am, Room 112 | FREE
Jewish Storyteller Brian Rohr shares the classic story of Noah and the great flood, inviting us to recognize where our own sense of griefs, successes, failures, forgiveness, and missing the mark intertwines with this ancient tale and how it can deepen our hearts during this Yom Kippur.



Schmooze, Eat and Drink in the Sukkah – Young Professionals
Sunday, September 23, 4pm | FREE
Join other CNS young professionals (ages 23-33) for some networking and learning in the Sukkah. We will get to know each other and learn about Sukkot rituals. Delicious appetizers and drinks included. RSVP by 9/20: receptionist@nevehshalom.org.



Soup & Cider in the Sukkah
Monday, September 24, 7:00pm
We’ll be serving soup, salad, and dessert. Come by yourself, grab a friend (or two) for this adult event – it promises to be warming for the soul and belly! To help out with the “soup crew” or to get involved contact Carol Biederman at 503.703.5128. $8 per person. Bring a can for the Oregon Food Bank. Please RSVP by 9/20 to receptionist@nevehshalom.org, 503.246.8831.


CNS Studio 54: Simchat Torah Goes Disco – An Erev Simchat Torah Celebration
Monday, October 1, 6:00pm Dinner | 7:00pm Service
After a month of holidays, we’re “stayin’ alive” and think “you should be dancing” with us as we celebrate Simchat Torah with Cantor Bitton and a live band. Get ready to boogie! Dinner at 6pm. Ma’ariv service & Hakafot with a live band at 7pm. The service and band are free and open to the community. Families are welcome! Cost for dinner: $18/adults, $12/kids; $54/family max. RSVP for dinner at: tinyurl.com/simchat5779 or call the office at 503.246.8831. (Click here for flyer)