Tikkun Olam

Opportunities for Social Action and Charity this High Holy Day Season

A Message from Rabbi David Kosak:


In the weeks leading up to our Days of Awe, many opportunities to make a difference are sent to the synagogue office. Some of these we send out in our weekly e-blast, others make it onto our website.

With how much we all juggle, it is easy to overlook these programs and activities. Our more personal demands can seem hard enough to handle.

During the High Holidays, we are hopefully more primed to expand our vision and consider how we are contributing to the larger community. As we imagine the Book of Life lying open, we find ourselves more open to adding our energy to the positive forces that support life, dignity, caring and compassion.

We understand that Judaism has always married our particularistic concerns with our universal obligations to all of humankind. This year, I hope that you will be able to carve out more time to share your love, resources and hopes where they are needed. If you do take on a new endeavor, please drop me a note. I’d love to know how you are engaged in building a better tomorrow.

On behalf of the entire congregation, our board of directors, professional staff and clergy team, let me wish you a year of health, contentment and moral ambition.

Shanah tovah u’m’tukah.
Rabbi David Kosak
‘Rav D’


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Other opportunities include:

HAIS Jews for Refugies

Organ Donation

Indigenous chief calls religious leaders to standing rock

Purchasing Ethically Produced Chanukah Gelt from Divine Chocolate

Camp Yakity Yak – Camp for supporting friendship development in children with special needs