Virtual Services During the Coronavirus


If you would like to download prayerbooks so you can participate in any of our services, the Rabbinical Assembly is generously providing the PDF’s of them. We ask that you please honor their requests of not distributing them, that you only print up to three copies for personal use, and that they are only used during this unique time.

To download

Click here to go to the download page.
The books you will want to get are:

  • Siddur Sim Shalem Shacharit Weekdays
  • Siddur Lev Shalem Kabbalat Shabbat and Evening Service
  • Siddur Lev Shalem Shabbat Morning

Morning Minyan

Zidell Chapel CNS

Morning Minyan will be held virtually using Zoom technology until further notice, login at 7:00am for schmoozing, we start the service at 7:15am (and 6:45am for schmoozing and 7am start on Rosh Chodesh), and 8:45am, schmooze and 9:00am start on Sundays.

Here is the login:
Password: Neveh

Use the book: Siddur Sim Shalom Shacharit Weekdays
Click here for the list of pages used in the service

Shabbat Services

Regular Shabbat services will be held through our live-stream.

Join our live-stream for Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday Shabbat morning services.

Video Live-Stream – High Definition

Video Live-Stream (Low Res) – If the High Definition doesn’t work well

Audio Live-Stream:

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Shalom Chaverim!

You do not have to go through the CNS website to get to our stream, here are the direct url addresses which you can bookmark on your computer or your phone.

High Quality Video

Lower Quality Video

Audio only

The video stream is working fine (we monitor it during services).  If you’re having issues, it’s with either your internet connection, software, or equipment.

If the video freezes there are several possible reasons and fixes.  I’ll list them all in no particular order;

1)    Insufficient bandwidth. 

The internet right now is overburdened with many people at home live streaming everything.  The connection that had enough bandwidth yesterday might not work today.  You can switch to the lower quality video stream, or if that won’t work use the audio only player on the CNS webpage.  Audio uses only 1/20th of the bandwidth of the video so that’s the best choice if you’re relying on cell towers for internet.

Who else is online at the same time?  Live interactive gaming and multiple people watching movies at the same time can eat a lot of bandwidth.

2)    Reboot your device, and reboot your internet router.

Rebooting your router clears up connection issues, which affect your bandwidth and speed.  Your computer benefits from a total reboot now and then (your phone too).

3)    Make sure your software updates and security updates have been done BEFORE you need to live stream.

What a pain updates are!  They don’t ask permission, and take over your device’s bandwidth and processor power.  Make sure your computer won’t try to do two things at once, this will definitely get in the way of live streaming.  In Windows 10 you can pause updates.

4)    Browser and other Security Settings

Each browser has it’s unique quirks.  If you can’t get the live stream to play it’s usually that you have to give permission for the website to send you streaming audio and video.

On Firefox you have to click the padlock in the address url bar and give full permissions.  In Chrome you sometimes have to go into Settings to allow video and audio streaming.  I can’t give you information about every browser but somewhere you might have to change browser settings.

Your own computer firewall or security software might be blocking our live stream.  You have to go into the settings for your security software and either “whitelist” the website or when a popup warning appears tell your software to trust the live stream.

We can’t provide live tech support on Shabbat, but if you have issues connecting reach out to the office and we’ll try to get you answers.


Erev Sukkot / Kabbalat Shabbat Services, 6:15pm

Please join us for our Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Use the book: Siddur Lev Shalem Kabbalat Shabbat and Evening Service

Click here for order of service

Video Live-stream: High-quality  |  Low-quality

4th Friday Shabbat Sing-a-Long with Rabbi Eve – 4th Friday, 5:30pm

Join Rabbi Eve for a Friday night sing-a-long for families on Zoom. We’ll do a bit of singing, a story and blessings. Please log in and mute yourself until we start. Click here to join Zoom at appointed time.

Password: CNSShabbat

Shabbat Morning Services & Bat Mitzvah of Hannelie Popkin  – Saturday, 9:30am

The congregation is invited to join us for our Shabbat morning services and celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of Hannelie Popkin.

Click here for the Order-of-Service.

Use the book: Siddur Lev Shalem Shabbat Morning

Video Live-stream: High-quality  |  Low-quality

Kiddush Club – 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 9:30am

Log into Zoom for a virtual Kiddush Club. Morah Sarah Rohr and Gershon Liberman will alternate leading Kiddush Club until we can gather again in person. Click here to join the Zoom at the appointed time.

Password: Kidushclub

Tot Shabbat – 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10:30am

Log into Zoom for a virtual Tot Shabbat. Amy, Levia, Morah Leah and Rabbi Eve will alternate leading Tot Shabbat until we can gather again in person. Click here to join Zoom at the appointed time.

Password: CNSTot5780

Zidell Chapel CNS

Downstairs Minyan Shabbat Service – 2nd, 4th, & 5th Saturdays, 9:30am

Use the book: Siddur Lev Shalem Shabbat Morning

In addition to the “regular” service, there will also be a Downstairs Minyan starting at 9:30am (schmooze time starts at 9:15am). The link to the Downstairs Minyan service is the same as the Morning Minyan:   Click here to join Zoom at the appointed time.
Password: Neveh

Cancelled for the summer
Young Family Flashlight Havdallah – 2nd Saturdays, 6:30pm

Grab a flashlight and join us for a short reflection on our week, a little singing and Havdallah ritual. Click here to join the Zoom at appointed time.
Password: ShavuaTov


We will be updating this page regularly to help keep it as relevant as possible.

For more information

Fred Rothstein, Executive Director, 503.246.8831

Glen Coblens, President

Rabbi David Kosak

Rabbi Eve Posen

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