Online Registration Information

Shalom! Welcome to Neveh Shalom’s ALIYAH Jewish learning program!

This is your guide to our ONLINE registration process. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need any assistance.


ALIYAH is a CNS membership program. If you are not already members of Neveh Shalom, please be in touch with Michelle Caplan to join the congregation. Once your family has joined, you will be eligible to enroll your child/ren in ALIYAH. All new members receive the Early Bird tuition prices.

This year our online registration process is through Google Forms.

  • First, fill out the primary registration form that will include all parent info and registration for your first (or only) child. Once you submit this form, you will be given a link to enroll additional child(ren) for class(es), if needed.
  • The form to register an additional child will only include information for that child, and will not ask you to fill out duplicate information that was included on the primary registration form.


Fees: It pays to be early! Register by August 15, 2021 to receive the best tuition price. Registration AFTER August 15 requires an additional $75 administrative fee.

Payment Policy: A deposit is required to complete registration. The balance may be paid in full, or in monthly installments. All installment payments are required to arrange “auto-pay” using a credit card or auto-withdrawal from a checking account. Checks are only accepted for full-year payments.

Registration for 2021-22 education programs requires 2020-21 CNS accounts be current. Please contact Allyson Quirico to make payments, or Michelle Caplan to discuss a payment plan for current balances owed.

Educational fees for the year are non-refundable. Your commitment to these fees, whether paid in full or by installments, is accepted at time of registration.

Financial aid requests must be submitted no later than August 15.

Near the end of the online form, under “Payment Method” you may select the option, “Please send me a financial aid form,” or you can print one out here: financial aid form. Once you have completed the Financial Aid process, you will be asked to set up an auto-pay arrangement and begin making payments. Your first monthly payment is considered your deposit for registration.