Diverse Perspectives on Israel, Explored in an Atmosphere of Respect

Israel360 is once again transitioning to a new format this year. We will hold a monthly program via Zoom. We will continue to consider many aspects of Israel–modern and ancient–from diverse viewpoints and approaches. The sessions this year will have a cultural, political, or historical focus. Please check out the weekly e-blast or this webpage for this year’s events.

Call the office for more details: 503.246.8831.

Upcoming Events

Lone Soldier Interview with Naomi Shapiro, Rabbi Isaak’s Niece

Sunday, March 21 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Hear IDF servicemen and women without immediate family in Israel are honored in Israel as Lone Soldiers.  Naomi Shapiro, Rabbi Daniel Isaak’s niece, recently completed her service as a Lone Soldier.  Despite variations by year, these young people average 5000 in number—1500 to 2000 from the US–40% serving in combat units. Naomi grew up in Cleveland.  She joins us from Jerusalem, now an Olah Hadashah, newly enrolled as an undergraduate at the Hebrew University. Hear ... Read More

Israel360: Jerusalem Divided and Reunited

Thursday, April 29 | 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Jerusalem was a divided city for 19 years. While it is now reunited, security remains very complex. In this tour at the southern edge of the city, we review the history of Jerusalem divided and reunited, examine the expansion of the city’s borders following the Six-Day War, peer over the security barrier into Bethlehem, and delve into the context, challenges, and successes of the barrier’s construction. $10 per screen To reserve your space, please register ... Read More

About The Kindness Commons

The Kindness Commons™ is an initiative and gift of Rabbi David Kosak. Like all commons, it provides free access to necessary societal goods. In this case, those goods are the Jewish tradition’s deep wisdom on how to build functional, caring and durable communities. Core components and teachings of The Kindness Commons™ center on:

  • Kindness (chesed)
  • Civility and caring behavior (shmirat halashon and derekh eretz)
  • Rich and respectful conversation and dialogue (makhlokhet l’shem shamayim)
  • Mutual responsibility (kol yisrael ma’arivin zeh b’zeh and tikkun olam)

About Israel360

Israel360 is a pilot project of The Kindness Commons™ and is housed at Congregation Neveh Shalom, Portland, Oregon.

Israel360 is a series of regularly occurring programs that will consider many aspects of Israel–modern and ancient–from diverse viewpoints and approaches. Some sessions will have a cultural, political or military focus, while other events will examine Israeli history, sociology or the peace process.

In today’s world, any mention of Israel can be contentious, because people arrive at events with pre-formed opinions. To help us grow past this, and to model the Jewish values of shmirat halashon (thoughtful speech), derekh eretz (civility) and makhlokhet l’shem shamayim (directed dialogue), all programs will be facilitated.

At each event, attendees will be reminded of a set of guidelines for participation. The goal is to ensure that dialogue and discussion are respectful and that questions and comments spring from a sense of curiosity rather than a desire to prove a position or score a rhetorical point.

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