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Your Group is Waiting

Participate –
Your Group is Waiting

Find Your Place

Our thriving congregational groups and committees are the life of Neveh Shalom. Learn more about Sisterhood, Men’s Club, and groups for all ages and interests, as well as how to join our community as a member.

CNS Participate Groups

There are many ways to find your place and connect with our keheila (community). One important part of our congregation is our committees and interest groups.

Join other Neveh Shalom members in the amazing work being done to support our global, Portland, and Neveh Shalom communities! Together we are helping to create the culture and community we want to see in the world.

CNS Hessed

Congregation Neveh Shalom cares about each and every one of our members. When a family in our kehillah is in need of a helping hand, we are prepared to offer assistance.

Inclusive Community

CNS has always fostered an environment of inclusivity. We pride ourselves on being a house for all people and welcome members of all backgrounds to participate in a variety of ways.

Learn more about joining our groups and activities