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7th-12th Graders at Neveh Shalom stay engaged in Jewish learning and social life through our ALIYAH Tichon (High School) Program on Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Core classes are designed to provide teens with an overarching framework of Jewish content as well as a unique context for discussing contemporary and meaningful topics in a Jewish environment.  Core class topics include Comparative Judaism, Interfaith relations, Jews & Politics, Jewish Social Ethics, and Jews Around the World.

Electives are meant to be a fun and social outlet but also reinforce Jewish cultural and intellectual interests. Electives rotate each year and include the Art of Jewish Storytelling, The Great Debate, Jewish cooking, Art Installation, Jewish Quiz Show, and You be the Judge.

7th & 12th Grade Seminars
Our 7th graders and 12th graders have special seminars (rather than Core and Elective classes).  7th graders are participating in our new “Better Together” inter-generational program and 12th graders in a new Spiritual Life Skills seminar.

Our Tichon students have the honor of learning with our wonderful Rabbis.  Rav D (Rabbi David Kosak) and Rabbi Eve Posen each teach a core class.  In addition, we have a diverse and engaging group of teachers from Israel and the U.S. who bring their passion for Jewish life and interest in the world to our students each Wednesday evening.

An optional dinner at 6pm allows teens an important time to relax and schmooze.  Family members welcome.

Other Exciting Teen Options through Neveh Shalom:

USY: Joining United Synagogue Youth is a great way for youth to expand their social ties, engage in fun activities, and gain youth leadership skills! USY meets for social, religious, and community service based activities, as well as regional/national conventions.

See below for more info about these programs:

  • Madrichim Teacher Aide Internship Program
  • Hebrew for Teens
  • Israel Scholarships

Questions? Please be in touch!

Mel Berwin, Director of Congregational Learning

JoAnn Bezodis, Education Administrator

Our teen leadership program offers teens the opportunity to volunteer in our K-6 classrooms while building their personal leadership skills with a leadership development specialist. Get details here.

We are happy to support teens in continuing Hebrew learning.  Teens can join our Machon Ivrit classes on Tuesday evenings (3 separate classes for different levels of Modern Hebrew skill, with a subsidized price).  Or, with enough interest, we can offer a one hour Hebrew course for teens during the Core Class time on Wednesdays (6:30-7:30 p.m.) or at another time that works for all.  Learn more about the Machon Ivrit Hebrew Institute.
Spending time in Israel can make your teen’s Jewish learning come alive! Students who commit to attend Tichon through 12th grade are eligible for a generous scholarship from the Oregon Board of Rabbis to use towards an Israel Experience program lasting from 2 weeks to 2 months. Learn more here.