Tichon (High School)

7th-12th graders at Neveh Shalom stay engaged in Jewish learning and social life through our weekly ALIYAH Tichon program on Wednesday evenings.  Core classes offer our teen community the opportunity to learn with our diverse teaching staff and enjoy high-level conversation about timely topics through a Jewish lens.  Electives let teens choose from lively classes as varied as art, cooking, and debate, and all teens have the chance to help create and lead their own teen-centered events throughout the year.

Hebrew for Teens

We are eager to support continued Hebrew learning for our teens! With enough interest, we are happy to offer a Hebrew class for teens during Tichon; older teens are also welcome to join Machon Ivrit (modern Hebrew program for adults).

7th & 12th Grade Seminars

The bookend years of Tichon are more intensive in focus and allow teens a chance to work with our Rabbis. 7th graders and elders from our congregation bring joy to each other in our popular “Mensches & Mavens” program with Rabbi Posen, and 12th graders delve deep with Rabbi Kosak and monthly guest presenters on the intersections of Science & Spirituality.

Teen Madrichim

Up to 30 teens each year participate in a paid internship program, assisting our ALIYAH teachers in working with K-6th graders and gaining leadership skills through a teen leadership seminar.  We love our teen Madrichim!


Joining United Synagogue Youth is a great way for youth to expand their social ties, engage in fun activities, and gain youth leadership skills. USY meets for social, religious, and community service based activities, as well as regional/national conventions.


Wednesday evening dinners are a highlight of the week at CNS!  Teens, teachers, young families, and Mavens all enjoy a low-cost family-friendly Kosher dinner buffet with options such as burrito bar, grilled cheese and tomato soup, or veggie stir-fry.  Teens can opt in for the year or drop in at their convenience.

Israel Scholarships

A teen trip to Israel is a transformative experience and we encourage our young adults to take advantage of the opportunity for travel during high school or gap year. CNS is proud to partner with the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland to offer scholarships through the Chai Israel program. All Jewish teens are eligible for funds through this program, and teens enrolled in Tichon receive an additional scholarship.

Contact Us to Learn More

Mel Berwin
Director of Congregational Learning
503-293-7306 | email

Lani Raider
Education Assistant Director
503-293-7309 | email


2022-2023 Tichon Calendar and K-12 Calendar is currently being created.

We will publish it once it is finalized.

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