In the biggest picture, we want our childen and youth to feel at home in Judaism. Whether they connect through Hebrew language, art, music, prayer, social activities, social justice projects, stories, intergenerational relationships, or opportunities for leadership, there is something for everyone in the array of social and educational programs that we offer.


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Over 150 children in Kindergarten-6th grade engage with Hebrew language and Jewish traditions in our inclusive, egalitarian environment. Please click on “ALIYAH K-12 Program Description & plan for 2024-25” to see the full program, or browse our K-6 page for more information.

ALIYAH Tichon 7-12

7th-12th graders stay engaged in Jewish learning and social life through our ALIYAH Tichon (High School) Program on Wednesday evenings. Browse our TICHON 7-12 page for more information.

Youth Activities 

Join other K-2nd grade families throughout the year for social connection and activities from berry picking in the summer to family holiday programs to weekend retreats!  See more on our Youth and Family Engagement page.

3rd-12th graders enjoy social connection with each other and with our caring and creative Youth Activities team. Check out our Youth Activities programming here.

B’nai Mitzvah

The bar/bat mitzvah year is an amazing milestone for our youth and families. Find out more about how our children prepare in the CNS community.

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