ALIYAH Jewish Learning Program

The warm community of ALIYAH Jewish learning provides engaging, high-level learning opportunities for every student. Our students experience Jewish holidays and traditions, gain strong Hebrew language skills, and grow from the many opportunities for meaningful leadership within the congregational community. Our teachers are dynamic and nurturing, and our kids enjoy their experience of Jewish education.


Program for 2021-22 learning year

ALIYAH K-6 Overview

  • Our K-6 program has two main components: Judaics and Hebrew.
  • Judaics, including Chugim (specialty activities/electives) will be held in person from 9am-12 on Sundays at CNS.*
  • Hebrew will be held as individualized tutoring sessions for 30 minutes per week per child. Families have the option for in-person locations (eastside or CNS) or Zoom, and can choose 1:1 tutoring or partner tutoring for 2 students to learn together at a time.
  • This new structure is based on an ALIYAH family survey conducted in March, in which families overwhelmingly voted to keep an individualized Hebrew program in place that we piloted this year. It also allows for more creative, flexible, inclusive, and social programming on Sunday mornings.

K-6 Judaics on Sunday Mornings

  • Focus on gaining literacy and finding meaning in all aspects of Judaism from Jewish holidays to life cycle rituals to Jewish values.
  • Chugim (specialty activities) include options for arts, music, nature, Jewish D&D, Israeli dance, and more, allowing for choice, movement, outdoor time, and creative connection with Jewish culture and values throughout the year.
  • Tefilah (prayer service) on Sunday mornings allows kids to learn to lead and sing and pray together in an upbeat, developmentally appropriate environment, deepens connection with Hebrew language.
  • Provides ample time and space for social connection.

ALIYAH K-6 Hebrew – New Individualized Program

  • 30-minute individualized tutoring time per child with grade-level Hebrew teacher.
  • Options include tutoring in-person at CNS, Eastside Jewish Commons, or on Zoom
  • Choice of 1-student or 2-student tutoring. You can choose a friend or we can help pair your child; pairings require confirmation of similar Hebrew ability by our staff.
  • In-person tutoring Mon-Thurs afternoons at CNS, Zoom times flexible by teacher schedule, EJC times TBD.

*K-6 Safety Protocols

  • In the 2020-21 year, CNS successfully and safely held in-person tutoring throughout the year, as well as Foundation School preschool classes, with strict safety protocols in place and constant and clear communication with families. We are ready to welcome our ALIYAH students back in person!
  • All CNS programs and procedures for the coming year have been, and will continue to be, evaluated by the CNS Re-Opening Task Force and the CNS Board of Directors. ALIYAH and Tichon programs will follow all safety guidelines as set out by these bodies, as well as the by the State of Oregon, including wearing masks, keeping strict rules for hygiene, and limiting numbers of students per group. All in-person programming is conditional upon the assessed safety of our community.
  • K-6 Students will meet in grade-level groups and will not mix in classrooms with other grade-level groups. Any teacher who meets with more than one group of students per day must be vaccinated.
  • Because of current safety guidelines around maintaining stable groups, at this time we are not planning large group programming or family programming in the building on Sunday mornings, or Wednesday evening dinners. We are designing meaningful ways to celebrate holidays and the important ritual moments of the year with our families.
  • For families/students who do not feel safe with in-person learning on Sunday mornings, there will be a virtual Judaics option.

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