ALIYAH Jewish Learning Program

The warm community of ALIYAH Jewish learning provides engaging, high-level learning opportunities for every student. Our students experience Jewish holidays and traditions, gain strong Hebrew language skills, and grow from the many opportunities for meaningful leadership within the congregational community. Our teachers are dynamic and nurturing, and our kids enjoy their experience of Jewish education.


Program for 2020-21 learning year

ALIYAH K-6 Judaics

  • Judaics classes will be taught by grade level on Zoom
  • For list of Judaics focus by grade, please click “K-6 Curriculum Chart” on the right side of this page
  • Our music and art program will be incorporated into Judaics time.
  • Judaics classes will last 1 hour, including social time and chug time, and will primarily be held on Sunday mornings between 9am-12noon
  • Our Judaics teachers this year will also incorporate a forum for children to reflect on and get “credit” for their lived Jewish experiences at home/in the community.

ALIYAH K-6 Hebrew

  • K-5 students will meet weekly in small groups (4-6 students) for 45 minute Hebrew classes with their Hebrew teacher on Zoom
  • Most Hebrew teachers are moving up with this year’s class
  • Groups will be designated based on learning style and Hebrew level
  • Students and teachers will be using a new online-compatible curriculum with asynchronous learning options in between sessions
  • For students who need individual attention or have not been successful at learning online, we are offering one-on-one tutoring at CNS with dedicated tutors as an alternative to small-group online learning
  • 6th graders will learn the Torah service in individualized sessions

ALIYAH K-6 Tefilah

  • K-6 students learn their Tefilah curriculum with their Hebrew teachers during the course of the year
  • New weekly ma’ariv (evening) service led by Mel and Rabbi Eve allows students/families to gather and practice leading/singing prayers
  •  The ma’ariv service will include an optional text study for our youth who want to wrestle with the words of our sages from Torah and Talmud
  • Children and families are welcome to attend Kiddush Club on Shabbat mornings, daily morning minyan, and our community’s weekly Shabbat/Downstairs Minyan/Bnai Mitzvah services

ALIYAH K-6 Holidays and Family Programs

Some of our favorite moments of the ALIYAH year are our family programs and holidays. We are designing meaningful ways to celebrate holidays and the important ritual moments of the year with our families. Some may be online and others in safe, physically distanced programming on site or even in our own neighborhoods! Beginning with Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, stay tuned for creative family programming online and in person, led by Mel, teachers, and clergy.

Contact Us to Learn More

Mel Berwin
Director of Congregational Learning
503-293-7306 | email

JoAnn Bezodis
Education Administrator
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