CNS Virtual Auction and Annual Fundraiser 2022 presents:

Congregant Makeover

Sunday, April 10, 5:00pm

We are so excited to announce our 2022 CNS Fundraiser. This year, we invite you to our virtual auction and a fun evening of fashion.

Many of us have watched TV shows like, “What Not to Wear,” or “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” where a little expert advice can make a person feel differently on the inside and out. This year, two of our eager congregants will participate in a similar journey with an uplifting styling experience that will offer new perspectives from which we can all benefit.

Filmmaker and congregant, Efrem Plawner will document our members working with local professionals Paula O’Neil and Tracy Pendergast at Est Ovest Style and capture the whole adventure including assessing closets, shopping trips, salon appointments, and more. On the night of the event, we will watch Efrem’s video and witness a live reveal where our congregants will show and tell us about the experience with the hopes of elevating our awareness of wellness and self-care.

This year’s proceeds go directly to our Foundation School, ALIYAH/Tichon, and Adult Education programs supporting learning for all ages.

About Our Congregant Makeover Participants

Cantor Linda Shivers was Neveh Shalom’s cantor for 25 years and has been a member of Neveh Shalom for over 30 years. She is currently enjoying her “retirement” portion of her life.

She was motivated to participate in the makeover as it sounded like a lot of fun. She is also going to Paris for a month and sees this as good preparation for that time.

Currently, Cantor Shivers works on self-care by watching what she eats and doing daily walks and yoga classes.

Mike Khavul has been a member of Neveh Shalom since 2015. He is a stay-at-home dad, homemaker, basketball coach, and substitute teacher. You can find Mike playing sports, traveling, and in the garden.

Mike chose to do the makeover because his day-to-day life doesn’t require much style, in fact, he says, sometimes the less you care about your clothes the happier you’ll be as a stay-at-home parent of little kids. He does however love to go to events and dates with his lovely wife Gina that require more than just shorts and a hoodie. For Mike, this was an amazing opportunity to make sure that, now that we are starting to go out into the world again, he is looking his sharpest and keeping up with his beautiful wife.

Mike’s current self-care is playing soccer and volleyball on a team. The physical exertion, intensity, and competition help to keep him balanced.

About Paula Brady O’Neil and Tracy Gaillard Pendergast of Est Ovest Style

Est Ovest Style is a fashion and wardrobe consulting company dedicated to helping their clients achieve their own ‘style nirvana,’ the most modern, beautiful, and confident version of themselves. They gently edit what you already own, tell you what to ditch, and help you purchase what you really need to start loving how you look – every day!

With over 35 years combined experience in the fashion and marketing industries, with 11 together at Est Ovest, owners and professional stylists Paula O’Neil and Tracy Pendergast believe in the Italian style philosophy; that one’s closet should only have items in it that make the wearer feel equal parts attractive, confident, and comfortable. The name Est Ovest means “East West” in Italian and pays homage to Tracy and Paula’s respective backgrounds and the opposite coasts on which they were raised, educated, and began their careers.

Paula and Tracy have been fortunate to collaborate with some of the top talents in the fashion industry, from top runway designers to emerging brands. They worked with Stacy London of TLC’s What Not to Wear to lead a network of select top stylists around the country, and they have created multiple training programs teaching style, service, and fit for retail giants like American Eagle and Saks OFF 5th.  They also develop and teach corporate training programs for companies around the country to use personal branding and style to help develop teams at all levels.

Est Ovest Style also curates fashion and lifestyle-based travel experiences for clients, creating national and international experiences with special access to showrooms, boutiques, local designers, vintage discoveries, and other hidden gems. With an office in Paris, France, and partnerships around the globe, they customize extraordinary opportunities celebrating art, style, and local culture.

Est Ovest Style believes that fewer items worn well is better than many items worn poorly, that fashion should never be too difficult, and, most importantly, that style is not a privilege for some, but a right for all. Tracy and Paula have shopped for a very diverse group of clients all over the world, but especially love to support and celebrate local boutiques, designers, and brands in the Pacific NW, especially those in their hometown of Portland, OR.

Thanks to our generous sponsors!

Red Carpet Ready

Robert & Marla Weiner

Black Tie

Harvey & Sandy Platt
Dan & Tricia Schoenbaum

Business Formal

Brian Suher & Barbara Atlas
Victor & Toinette Menashe
Alan & Debra Montrose

Festive Attire

Mia Birk & Glen Coblens Family Fund of the OJCF*
CNS Board of Directors
Jason & Allison Kaufman
Liza & Beth Milliner
Gary & Teri Peck

Weekend Wear

Alan Blank & Ellyn Sternfield
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Rosalie Goodman
Lora Meyer*
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Michael Khavul & Gina Westhoff
Anthony & Priscilla Kostiner
Jenn Director Knudsen & David Knudsen
Jay & Rochelle Leisner
Jonathon Lietz & Elaine Coughlin
Jerry & Gayle Marger
Lawrence & Jane O’Glasser
Gary & Sylvia Pearlman
Fred & Nora Rothstein
Ellen Singer & Eamon Molloy
Steve & Dana Sirkin
Jonathan & Jennifer Yoken

*Family Fund at OJCF

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We always have a robust silent auction, and this year will be no different. We are looking for items to go with our theme. Do you have self-care, wellness, or fun items that you would like to donate to the auction?  Don’t forget hosting a night together with your CNS friends is self-care too. Click here for the donation form.

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