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“If Not Now, When? Today and Tomorrow” –  Maimonides

“I had NO IDEA, but our third grader did! Our son gave us a window into what he’s learning in school. During our Seder he really challenged the whole table of adults to think and respond to his questions.  It was epic and I have ALIYAH to thank for that!” Cory Raiton, parent

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Todah Rabah…Thank you!

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“I came to pick up my high school aged son who was laughing and chatting with another boy about their public high school experiences. I had a flashback to Foundation School and asked them if they remembered that they were in the same preschool class? While they didn’t remember they had class together, they started to share preschool memories with one another. It was just a moment, nothing extraordinary, but it made me think: this is it – this is what we want for our kids. So many points of connection, they don’t have to be best friends – but they have a common language and memories.”
-Monica Brenner, parent

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