Shavuot is the middle of the 3 pilgrimage festivals. It is a time for us to gather in community both to receive Torah, and mark time together.

A Message from Rabbi Kosak

What is the future of American Jewry? With the increase of antisemitism, many people are worried. Despite these changes, this is a period of tremendous possibility: As we prepare to commemorate the Giving of the Torah on Shavuot, we will directly tackle today’s challenges to see the positive opportunities that lie ahead by listening to two special guests.

This year, we have the opportunity to learn with two Ziegler Rabbinical students, Brianah Caplan and Nicholas Losorelli, who will spend the holiday with us in Portland.

Tikkun Leil Shavuot: Tomorrow’s Torah Today

Our Tikkun Leil Shavuot night of learning begins with a panel featuring Rabbi Kosak, Brianah Caplan, and Nicholas Losorelli. We will explore the topics facing today’s Jewish community to learn how these issues are being thought about by current rabbinical students. Why are they motivated to serve the Jewish people at this fraught moment? How do they see the American Jewish community evolving and responding to today’s challenges? What do they believe are our greatest opportunities? Will the synagogue as an institution continue to be important? Where does Israel fit in the future of American Jewish identity?

After this fascinating panel, each of our special guests will lead a learning session. And of course, there will be cheesecake!

Shavuot Services

Please join us for Shavuot services, including Yizkor, during which our rabbinical students will continue to contribute, speak, and teach us.

About Ziegler Rabbinical students, Brianah Caplan and Nicholas Losorelli

Brianah Caplan is a Jewish songwriter and song leader originally from Scottsdale, AZ who is working to build Jewish Communities through song and prayer. She grew up in the Conservative Movement in a rabbinic family, has interned at Ohr Shalom Synagogue in San Diego, and worked for The Nahshon Project, an exclusive fellowship for young adults looking to explore their Judaism and future career options.

Nicholas (Nico) Losorelli, a Ziegler Rabbinical student entering his final year, brings a diverse background to his spiritual journey. With roots in Southern California, New York, and Mexico, and a Bachelor’s degree in Music from UC Berkeley, he transitioned from on-set production in television and film, including working for Jim Carrey for two years, to pursue the Rabbinate. This will be Nico’s first time in Portland, Oregon and he is looking forward to getting to experience a Torah-filled Shavuot with Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Shavuot 5784 Schedule

Erev Shavuot – Tuesday, June 11

  • 5:15-6:00pm: Family Programming (0-2nd grade)
  • 6:00-6:30pm: Community-Wide Dinner*
  • 6:30-7:00pm: Erev Shavuot Service
  • 7:00-8:30pm: Panel discussion w/ AJU Rabbinic Students
  • 8:30-8:45pm: Coffee and Cheesecake
  • 8:45-10:25pm: Breakout sessions

Shavuot Day 1 – Wednesday, June 12

  • 9:30am: Shavuot Service

Shavuot Day 2 – Thursday, June 13

  • 9:30am: Shavuot and Yizkor Service

Family Shavuot Program (0-2nd Grade)

5:15pm start time, in Stampfer Chapel

Families with children 0-2nd grade are invited to join Rabbi Eve and Morah Shaina for some Shavuot exploration. Through music, art, and learning we’ll celebrate the Torah and Mt. Sinai. Free and open to the community.

Dinner will be served following this event at 6pm, registration required. See below 

Shavuot Community-Wide Dinner

6:00pm start time in Birnbach Hall

Please join us for a festive community-wide Shavuot dinner!

Dinner Cost

$20/CNS-Member  | $25/Non-CNS Member | $12/Kids | Kids 3 and under Free


  • Salmon pasta
  • Mac and cheese
  • Caesar salad & caprese salad
  • Garlic bread
  • Cheesecake

Shavuot Service & Tikkun Le’il Learning Sessions

We are excited for you to join us for our special Erev Shavuot service and learning experiences.

6:30-7:00pm: Erev Shavuot Service

7:00-8:30pm: Panel discussion w/ Ziegler Rabbinical students Brianah Caplan and Nicholas Losorelli

8:30-8:45pm: Coffee and Cheesecake

8:45-9:30pm: Breakout session 1 with Brianah Caplan or Nicholas Losorelli

9:40-10:25pm: Breakout session 2 with Brianah Caplan or Nicholas Losorelli

Shavuot Day 1 Services

Wednesday, June 12, 9:30am, Stampfer Chapel

Please join us in person for our Shavuot services with special guests, Ziegler Rabbinical students Brianah Caplan and Nicholas Losorelli.

Click here to join the livestream.

Shavuot Day 2 Shabbat Services & Yizkor

Thursday, June 13, 9:30am, Stampfer Chapel

Please join us in person for our Shavuot services with special guests, Ziegler Rabbinical students Brianah Caplan and Nicholas Losorelli.

In addition, it is also Yizkor. This will be a time when we recite the entire Yizkor service and create a sacred space of memory. As part of the Yizkor Service, we will also dedicate the new memorial plaques in our sanctuary.

Click here to join the livestream.

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