In celebration of our CNS 5784 theme of “Lev Shalem: How Do We Learn, Love, and Lead with Our Whole Hearts?”, we are providing Lev Notes—that is, notes from the heart. These are specially designed postcards which we are providing to encourage our congregants to write notes of appreciation to each other.

  • Maybe there is someone who helped you out in a particular way. Send them a Lev Note of appreciation.
  • Maybe you were called up for an honor at Morning Minyan, which touched you when you were asked. You can send a Lev Note sharing how much it meant to you.
  • Maybe an ALIYAH, Tichon, or Foundation School teacher really showed up for your child in a special way. Send any of those teachers a Lev Note to articulate what it means that they are in your child’s life.
  • Maybe you know of someone who needs some extra love and attention. Send them a Lev Note to help lift them up.

There are many ways and many reasons to send notes to each other. As the clergy and staff of Neveh Shalom, we believe that part of living with a whole heart is to feel gratitude and share your appreciation with others, letting them know how special they are, and what their presence means to you.

How do I find someone’s address?

As a member, you have access to the member directory on ShulCloud, our database management system. You will first log in to your account at Once logged in, click on My Account in the menu and find the member directory.

If you need support logging in, please contact, or call the office at 503.246.8831.

Can you mail the Lev Note for me?

If you are having a hard time finding stamps, or someone’s address, please feel free to bring the postcard to the office. You can purchase stamps at the front desk, and we will address the postcard for you if needed.

What do I do if I receive a Lev Note?

Wonderful! If you received a Lev Note, that means someone has shown you appreciation and cares about you. You can write them a Lev Note back or “pay it forward” by sending a Lev Note to someone else. Some members have made the commitment to send five postcards for every Lev Note they receive. There is no limit to the gratitude. If you need more postcards, just stop by the office to pick them up.

Can I share a Lev Note I received?

Of course! Please do share your Lev Note if it is appropriate. Take a picture and post it on social media. Use the hashtag #LevNotesCNS and tag us @congregationnevehshalom (Facebook) or @nevehshalom (Instagram).


For more information, please reach out to the front office at 503.246.8831,

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