Two Jews, One Was a Role Model

After a long and full week, I sat down to listen to some Jazz and enjoy a can of sparkling LaCroix water—the grapefruit or “Pamplemousse” is my favorite. I pulled out this amazing recording of Oscar Peterson playing—and recreating—the Cole Porter song book.

From Bad to Worse – Parshat Chukat 5779

Regardless of your stance on how much immigration should be allowed or what that process should entail, the “solutions” we have for these families trying to escape life-threatening situations in their home countries are, in effect, kicking them while they’re down. Does this solve the root problem or take a bad situation and make it worse?

Pay No Attention – Parshat Korach 5779

One of the many responsibilities we have in any relationship – partner, parent, or coworker – is knowing when to allow people the space to vent their anger in a safe way and then help them put the pieces back together through dialogue and discourse. The hardest part is stopping ourselves from reacting and simply providing that space.

What the Future Will Look Like

Last night was our congregational Annual Meeting. While the meeting itself is a requirement of our bylaws, it is also an opportunity to hear from our lay leaders, executive director and clergy team. For those unable to attend, Rabbi Kosak includes here his speech in lieu of an Oasis Songs column this week. The gist is to provide his thoughts on what our Jewish future will look like, and who we will need to become to get there.

Day to Day – Parshat Beha’alotcha 5779

I am blessed to have found a career that offers me considerably less ordinary routine and considerably more joy in the work that I do. Parshat Beha’alotcha is a yearly reminder to find joy not just in the obvious places, but also in the everyday tasks we are required to accomplish.