Two Jews, One Was a Role Model

After a long and full week, I sat down to listen to some Jazz and enjoy a can of sparkling LaCroix water—the grapefruit or “Pamplemousse” is my favorite. I pulled out this amazing recording of Oscar Peterson playing—and recreating—the Cole Porter song book.

What the Future Will Look Like

Last night was our congregational Annual Meeting. While the meeting itself is a requirement of our bylaws, it is also an opportunity to hear from our lay leaders, executive director and clergy team. For those unable to attend, Rabbi Kosak includes here his speech in lieu of an Oasis Songs column this week. The gist is to provide his thoughts on what our Jewish future will look like, and who we will need to become to get there.

When the Levees of Music Dried Up

Two thousand years ago, the Great Library of Alexandria caught fire. When the flames went out, scattered ash was all that remained of its countless scrolls of history, philosophy, science and culture. While the facts of who caused the fire are unclear, it seems reasonable to imagine that up to a half million books or so disappeared from the human record. We can’t ever know what was lost.

Graduation and Tiny Homes

This past Wednesday was our Tichon graduation. In today’s world of competing claims on teenagers’ attention, we can take pride that a group of stalwarts continued to learn and participate throughout their high school years. Listening to our 12th grader’s speeches is an annual highlight for me, especially since many of them grew up here.

When Freedom of Religion is Under Attack

This past week, our nation watched as the Alabama senate passed, and its governor ratified, a highly restrictive law that effectively criminalizes abortion. Regardless of whether one is in favor of abortion or believes such procedures should be banned, the decision ought to stun anyone who cares about the rule of law.