From Bad to Worse – Parshat Chukat 5779

Regardless of your stance on how much immigration should be allowed or what that process should entail, the “solutions” we have for these families trying to escape life-threatening situations in their home countries are, in effect, kicking them while they’re down. Does this solve the root problem or take a bad situation and make it worse?

Pay No Attention – Parshat Korach 5779

One of the many responsibilities we have in any relationship – partner, parent, or coworker – is knowing when to allow people the space to vent their anger in a safe way and then help them put the pieces back together through dialogue and discourse. The hardest part is stopping ourselves from reacting and simply providing that space.

Day to Day – Parshat Beha’alotcha 5779

I am blessed to have found a career that offers me considerably less ordinary routine and considerably more joy in the work that I do. Parshat Beha’alotcha is a yearly reminder to find joy not just in the obvious places, but also in the everyday tasks we are required to accomplish.

Take a Break – Parshat Naso 5779

When you work hard and take your obligations seriously, maybe self-care isn’t as high a priority as it should be. The reality is, however, that when we’re sick, have a fever, and are run down, the best thing we can do for ourselves and others is stay home and rest, away from large groups of people. Parshat Naso, the Torah portion we read this week, echoes this sentiment.

In the Crowd – Parshat Bamidbar 5779

Though we may not be close in proximity all the time, we are a part of a crowd, whether that crowd is the local Jewish community or people gathered around their televisions to watch a series finale. As we learn from the Torah portion this week, it’s not the size of the crowd, but how it supports one another that keeps it thriving and moving.

Rainy Season – Parshat Bechukotai 5779

One of the questions I’m asked most often when someone in another city hears that we live is Portland is, “How do you deal with the rain?” Of course there are times when rain is inconvenient; however, rain is such a necessary part of our existence on the planet that we even have prayers asking God for rain in its time.