We Are The Dreamers – Parshat Vayeitzei 5776

Some mornings I wake up confused as to whether the dream I just had was actually a dream or part of real life. There’s nothing more terrifying than waking up thinking you’ve flunked your high school final or you’ve missed a big deadline at work.

I Sound Like My Mother – Parshat Toldot 5776

“Apparently I’m becoming my mother.” I said these words out loud a few weeks ago. The more I get into this mom thing, the more I hear myself echoing the words – and taking the actions – of my parents. From giving Shiri baths with colored water, to the silly songs we sing in the morning and while getting ready for bedtime, it’s like my childhood all over again.

At First Sight – Parshat Chayei Sarah 5776

You hear that parenting changes your life completely, but obviously it’s a different feeling for every parent.  Over two years ago as Duncan and I prepared to welcome Shiri into our lives, we knew we were about to experience something intensely emotional, like nothing we’d ever experienced before.

Leading By Example – Parshat Vayera 5776

As a parent I am often reminded that there are always little eyes and ears watching and listening to my every move. Shiri wants to do everything we do, from my marching in place when I’m trying to get in a few extra steps for the day on my Fitbit, to eating the foods she sees us eating, to the way in which she models me on my phone.