Who Can Enter the Oasis: Community and the Other

We find ourselves at a heightened moment in our Torah's narrative. Standing at the sea, crossing and heading to long-awaited freedom, the Jews leave Egypt. But we do not leave alone. A subplot within the rabbinic story of our Exodus from Egypt concerns the "mixed multitude"--the eirav rav.

If Money Were No Object

Tuesday night, a lot of Americans watched President Obama's last State of the Union speech. The audience was figured at just over 31 million viewers. On Wednesday night, a lot more people were gathered by the keyboard or television, checking to see if they had won $1.5 billion dollars in the record Powerball lottery.

Travels, Friendship and Upcoming Events

I write to you after a break that took me first to New York for some professional development, and then to the central coast of California for a family reunion. We had a wonderful time catching up, cooking, hiking in Big Sur, playing football with the boys, and in general recharging after the fast paced days that typify so many of our lives.